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August 22, 2013

Quite a commitment we have made to this website.  250 posts strong.  Going back to post #1, Alice wasn’t even born yet.  Yesterday I got sucked in to the deacondog vortex and looked at every post, watched every video and blinked 2 hours later.  Time flies.  Alice is now in preschool, she uses words like “actually” and has a life of her own.  Anna talks non-stop and should be winning awards for cuteness.  As for Sarah and I, it seems like nothing has changed, as far as I am concerned we are both still kids too.  We recently took our first real family road trip, 2100 miles, 6 days, 1 Honda Accord.  Alice and Anna did great, turns out we share a love of all things “truck stop”, every snack tastes better when you are going 75 mph.  Well, congratulations to ourselves, we have made it this far, and at this rate it won’t be long before post #500.