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November 27, 2012

Hey! Happy Thanksgiving! Not much for chit-chat today, good pictures. Thanks to everyone that helped out with the meal.



Ain’t No Party Like A Fuzzy Slipper Party Cuz A Fuzzy Slipper Party Don’t Quit……………

November 9, 2012

Daddy daycare is in full effect.  Week two is almost in the bag.  It is 3 O’clock on Friday and I have not had a beer yet.  Almost there.  I had a month to come up with ways to not only pass the time but also educate and enrich my children’s lives.  So, the following pictures took quite a bit of planning.  And the educational content of the activities was carefully considered before the girls were allowed to partake.  I think it is important to know how to drive a bus, what happens if you find out there is a bomb strapped to the bottom, and it will explode if the bus drops below 55 mph, and nobody on board knows how to drive it?  What happens if you don’t have any money but you want to jump a very long distance?  How about if you are really tired and are having trouble deciding where to sleep?  How to pack if you need to blow town, and how to do your hair on a budget.  I have this day care thing covered.