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June 26, 2010

School (daycare) is Alice’s favorite place to go.  On the mornings that she goes to school we have a routine.  Mommy or Daddy packs a lunch while the other gets Alice dressed and ready.  When she is all cleaned up and looking sharp we hand over her lunchbox and she carries it to the car, then she carries it into school.

Now, the problem with this schedule is that if it is disrupted, or if handing her the lunchbox isn’t directly followed by walking to the car, this is what you end up with.  A mad little girl!  Hurry Up!

We are pretty sure Alice has two boyfriends at school.  Little miss popularity.  Here is a bonus picture, don’t pay any attention to the boogers.


Fathers day #2

June 21, 2010

What a long fathers day!  Sarah made me breakfast which was really nice, I love a good breakfast burrito.  After that Alice started running a fever, and started crying, and she kept crying, and then she fell asleep.  When she woke up she started crying again and had a raging fever.  Next stop, ER.  Spending Father’s Day in the ER seems somewhat appropriate; and as enjoyable as it was to sit next to two of Omaha’s finest “white supremacists” in the waiting room (awesome white power tattoos on forearms), hopefully this was my last Father’s Day spent in this fashion.

Alice has a run of the mill ear infection, antibiotics should clear it up in a few days.  She is right back to being a goofball.  And she thinks her hospital bracelet is pretty rad!

She started clowning around right when we got home from the hospital.  Enjoy “Pants Hat”.


G-Bob’s B-Day!

June 15, 2010

Here is a huge cheesy grin for G-Bob’s B-Day courtesy of the A-Monster!!!!


Serious Slacker

June 15, 2010

Man, I have been slacking with the Deacon Dog updates.  Things have been crazy: new job, BBQs, bike rides, just to name a few of the things that have been taking up our time. The Real Estate business is moving along, I jumped right in and good things are starting to happen. Sarah is doing great, she has been running and swimming like crazy – turning into a rocket in the pool. And Alice, the most beautiful little girl in the world is growing crazy fast.  Her favorite word is these days is “no.”  Actually it is more like “NO!!!!!” I love her to death but there are times that I miss the days when she didn’t know any English at all.

You know, the more I think about it, Alice could yell at me whether she knew English or not.  Time is going by so fast that I am having trouble keeping up.  This picture is from last summer!  Can you believe that!?!  Alice has molars now, and nearly a full head of hair.  I had fun looking for this old picture of her yelling at me so I think I’ll throw in some classics for your viewing pleasure.  New pictures will be up soon, thanks to our few readers for giving me a reason to take a stroll down memory lane.


What is “Here’s looking at you kid”?

June 10, 2010

It is tough to call this tradition.  I mean, Alice is only 1.5 years old so we really haven’t been doing it that long, so lets call it our daily ritual: Jeopardy!  If the television is on, and we are in the house – anywhere in the house – and that theme music starts to play, Alice bolts for the living room because she doesn’t want to miss a minute.

She loves it when I yell out the questions. I think she is already studying for the SAT.  Think scholarships!


Long Weekend.

June 1, 2010

Well for the last few weeks they have all kinda been long weekends if you know what I mean.  Here come some pictures that sum it up.Alice and Kate were great at sharing the one backyard bike

Gordon and Clauds looked over the festivities approvingly

Alice spent a good amount of time buckling and un-buckling the seat belt in her jogging stroller.  Her fascination with buckles is becoming an issue because she can un-buckle her car seat while we are driving!  We are thinking of keeping a roll of duct tape in the car to cover up the buckle while we are in motion.

Everyone was in awe after seeing the size of Uncle Ben’s watch.  That thing is massive!

Alice was very busy with another very important task that needed to be accomplished during the BBQ.  Also deserving honorable mention, Aunt Suzanne and the entire crew were in attendance.  I apologize for not getting pictures of anyone other than Kate.  Or maybe you owe me an apology for avoiding the camera?  However it happened you will not escape the next post.  Deacondog, will be “cousin heavy” next time.  Later.