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February 26, 2010

31 degrees and sunny.  About freakin time!  Took Alice for a walk almost all the way around the block.  It is super cute, she won’t let go of your hand for any reason while she is moving.  I’m sure that won’t last long.

Word on the street is that temperatures may be in the 40’s by mid-week.  Breaking out the jogging stroller for sure.


Make fists with your toes.

February 24, 2010

Every hearty male in this country knows that American cinema attained perfection in 1988 with the release of Die Hard.  The reason I bring this up is to liken my living room floor to the floor of the office building that was covered with broken glass.  You remember right?  After a heavy spray of automatic weapon fire, Bruce, shoeless Bruce, had to make a break for it.  Now, I generally don’t end up sitting on the bathroom counter picking chards of glass out of the soles of me feet, however it is common place to have the imprint of legos in my arch repeatedly throughout the day.  See what I mean?

I am still having trouble taking a picture without Alice trying to see herself on the back of the digital camera.  While taking the above photo she was using my face as a pillow to try and get a look.  So I turned the tables on her.  She then stood up and ran around to the other side of the camera to see the picture.

Now for some bonus shots.

Cute curls.

Cute girl.


Free Crackers!

February 21, 2010

Alice is absorbing new information at an alarming rate. She already has her own BlackBerry and has her own set of keys. She prefers Nick’s car, but I don’t mind. I hate having to readjust my seat and mirrors all the time. She can almost reach doorknobs, so she tries to lock them with her keys. Cool to see her figure that out, but not cool when it comes to the fact that she can almost reach door knobs.

She has figured out zippers and buckles. Last night she zipped and unzipped “Dolly’s” pajamas for 30 minutes. It was amazing to see her brain work as she grasped the pajamas on one side of the zipper and pulled the zipper away from where she was holding on. Today she sat for probably 40 minutes fiddling with the buckles on the diaper bag. Definitely see my short fuse in her though – when she couldn’t get the buckle to work she’d get mad!

She loves giving her baby dolls a bottle. We love it when she actually uses the toy bottle and not a real one that leaks milk all over the dolls, but it’s nice to see such motherly instincts at such a young age. She climbs way too much for her own good and has us wrapped around her finger. Climbs onto every chair we have now, tries to climb the bookshelf, and pretty much anything she can grasp enough to do a pull-up. I think she can do more than I can.

We think she has a future in commercial work. Hopefully she can use her charm by getting us a sponsorship from Hershey’s or Ritz. We’re taking offers now…

I could probably edit out the Saltines in the background. We like Ritz!

For the record, Nana Claudianna gave her the bottle of chocolate syrup. I guess she was out of whole milk?

Have a great week!



Nasty Rumor

February 19, 2010

Just heard a buzz around the office here that we’re expected to get another 5 inches of snow on Sunday.

Everyone pray that HGTV stops by house to give me the dream home I have been entering to win for the last month. New Mexico here we come!


Home Skooled

February 16, 2010

Times are still tough in Omaha.  The weather is still not cooperating.  So, we have found ways to pass time productively.  Alice is a quick study, she knows most of her body parts, well, she isn’t going to pass anatomy 101 but I think it’s pretty impressive.

I know what you are thinking, look at how nasty that carpet is, right?  I challenge any one of you to find a cleaner floor in a public school, and those Cheerios are still perfectly good.  I think we should start in with the long division lessons.  Anywho, here are some pics from yesterday, enjoy.

Last, is Alice’s first real valentine, from Nana Sue.  It had some yogurt snacks and her first taste of Rice Crispy Treat.  It appeared to be very enjoyable.  Sticky from head to toe.



February 12, 2010

Alice is infatuated with herself.  I mean she is cute, but this is getting out of hand.  Talk about something other than yourself for once.  Really, standing at the computer staring at a picture of yourself? Get it together kid.


Ahead of the Curve

February 10, 2010

Obviously I take way too many pictures and videos of Alice.  It’s become a hobby/obsession.  Alice has discovered the screen on the back of the camera where she can see pictures of herself.  She call herself “Baby”, along with every other baby she sees.  Point of this post is that I can’t take video of her anymore because she attacks the camera trying to see “Baby” on the back side of the camera.  Check it out, she gets pretty aggressive