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Time Machine……………….

December 22, 2014

Whoa, I blinked and it’s Christmas. Both girls are on Winter Break from school and we’re taking it very seriously. This morning started with an indoor bounce house “facility”, followed by tacos. I mean, life doesn’t get much better than that. Over the next few days a whole slew of family will show up in town and then the poo will really hit the fan. The following pictures aren’t in any kind of order, just good solid representations of what has been happening around here. Adios, muchacharitos.


First, Hopefully Not The Last…………

November 18, 2014

Alice tried her hand at a practical joke the other night and totally nailed it.  Aunt’s 50th birthday party, church basement, 100 people, a pile of name tags and a permanent marker.  She pretended to lean up to the table to get some water and BAM!  The trap was set!  Now all she had to do was maintain composure, that’s right, nothing to see here folks.  The other pictures are just filler,  the “kikme” sticker is the main event.



November 4, 2014

“Cash” 12 weeks old, sweetheart.


Ninja Puppy and Rainbow Kitty………..

November 1, 2014




October 27, 2014

The skatepark is in heavy rotation right now.  Alice is a natural, and can’t get enough.  It’s been pretty fun for me to get back on the board too.  Anna loves it and squeals every time she starts rolling.  Halloween is creeping up on us and the girls got to pick their own costumes.  Alice is a “Ninja Puppy” and Anna is a “Rainbow Kitty”.  Last year Anna was dressed as Darth Vader in all black and we lost her for about 20 minutes,  so this year I bought 20 glow sticks to attach to Anna and Alice has a battery operated, light up samurai sword. Parents of the year.


Once a Month I Guess?……………..

October 4, 2014

Been doing some heavy duty slacking on the posty updatey thingys.  It’s awefully Octobery round’ here, we even went to a pumkin patch, camp firey, bounce housey, smoked turkey leggy kinda joint.  Alice is full blown in love with kindergarten and Anna took to preschool like a turkey to gravy.  Look at these pictures.  Seriously.  Fun.


Let the Good Time Roll………………

September 2, 2014

She loves to vacuum.  She could definitely have worse hobbies.  Now that she is in school the dust bunnies are taking over!