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One for the weekend.

May 29, 2010

Paper Trail

May 24, 2010

Alice has really been enjoying day care. Not so sure about the other kids, but Alice has a blast.

Nick picked Alice up from day care and attached to the usual piece of paper we get with her activities for the day were TWO Incident Reports.

The following week, it became clear that the other kids had formulated a plan: Revenge.

About a week later, we received a note of a different kind. It either indicates a successful peace treaty or the simple fact that Alice is moving on to a greater challenge: Bigger kids. Either way, we’ll have to keep our eyes out for her new friend, Levi.

Alice really does love day care. She carries her lunch “pail” in all by herself and gets so excited when she sees her friends and teachers that she squats down and points at everyone. Apparently she can’t walk while displaying her excitement. I must say I sort of miss her crying when she suddenly realizes I’m leaving. Now she practically waves goodbye before I’m ready to go. “OK Mom – you can go now.” They grow up so fast.


Maiden Voyage

May 18, 2010

Our house was buzzing with excitement all day today.  We finally broke down and got a trailer for Alice so she could join us on bike rides.  You can judge for yourself by this picture whether or not she enjoyed it.

This kid loves going fast!  We live about half a mile from a really nice urban trail that goes for miles.  Getting there from the house is no problem.  We did get Alice a little helmet, purchasing it was one thing, getting her to keep it on is a whole different issue.

The trailer itself is really nice.  My legs are still burning a little from the headwind coming out of the south.  An extra 45 lbs that is shaped like a parachute really lowers my average mph.  Anyway we are ecstatic that Alice dug her first ride, see you on the trail!


Urban Baby

May 16, 2010

Could not have been a more beautiful day.  70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky.  We started the morning at the Farmers Market, and ended up at the park.  I know what you are thinking, rough life.  Alice finally got to stomp around downtown here is the proof.

She still holds Meena’s hand while crossing the street.  Oh, “Meena” is Alice speak for Mommy.

Back to playing, see you soon.



May 13, 2010

She isn’t even concerned whether or not she gets the buckle closed.  As long as everyone cheers! The “fam” came over for dinner and Alice just couldn’t help but ham it up.



May 12, 2010

As if I need to say anything; super cute.

One more.

Still loves her closet.  Video tomorrow.


One more place to look…

May 3, 2010

Happy Monday! Not a whole lot new happening for Alice these days – apart from a persistent cough and the waterfall that now resides in her nose. We’re working on animal sounds these days. She does a fantastic lion’s roar, but her horse’s neigh could use some work. She does a pretty good “Beep! Beep!” for the car, although it could easily be confused with “Baby! Baby!” Her knees are looking tough already – skinned and scraped.

So here’s the photo dump for the day:

That’s not just any closet…

… it is now Alice’s fort. Look at that first one again – you can see her little fingers.

She has slowly removed all of the stuff we tried to store in there. Who knows where it is now.

She already knows what “get in your closet” means. Apart from ignoring the word “NO” she follows directions pretty well.