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December 4, 2012

I know that the Internet tends to lend itself to people’s voyeuristic nature, and anonymity is generally appealing, however this little blog that my wife and I started four years ago has been getting a little more attention than we expected.  Our intended audience, immediate family that has spread across the country and countless friends that abandoned our terrifyingly boring section of the country, are still tuning in to see the kids and keep up with our antics.  But, there are days that our “hit counter” gets well into the triple digits.  So, here comes the question.  Who are you people?  And, why  are you looking at us?  We are volunteering ourselves, I know that, nobody held guns to our heads and forced us to put pictures of our family on the web, but my curiosity is getting the best of me.  So I am asking you this, can you please leave a comment?  That’s it.  Don’t let on to where we live, or where you live, or any specifics, just help me satisfy my curiosity.  Thanks.


Eight Days a Week…………………

December 3, 2012

I suppose there comes a time for every parent when they realize that hanging out at rock shows and waking up hung over isn’t cool anymore.  So now, it is bed at 10pm and more than just coffee for breakfast.  Although,  Daddy daycare is a lot like a rock show.  It is noisy, you get pushed around, and the music is really loud.  Alice has taken a liking to the Beastie Boys, and that is totally cool with me.  Paul’s Boutique plays pretty much everyday, resulting in the kind of party you see in the pictures below.  Everyday around here is like the weekend, Anna’s Monday socks prove it.  We’re off to the park.