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November 29, 2010

We have been hanging out around the house a lot lately.  Alice is really starting to communicate, in English.  Complete sentences are the norm, and she is running us ragged.  Here are some shots of Alice having fun around the house, Deacon not so much.

Poor fella doesn’t even try to fight it anymore. It is almost sad to see a dogs spirit be broken by a one year old.

Mommy makes a pretty nice fort out of couch cushions, or is that a cage? Anywho, Alice seemed to enjoy playing in it.



November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving was a hit this year!  Everyone had a blast.  We went to Aunt Suzanne’s house and had killer turkey, stuffing and all the fixins’. The kids went nuts, Alice slept until 9:15 this morning!  Here is how it all started.

Alice and Mommy snapping all of the fresh green beans for the green bean casserole, all from scratch and very delicious.

This is Sarah getting frustrated with me for making her pose for pictures.  In that belly of hers is the new addition, so far so good!

After Dinner the littles read books on the iPad. And Alice and Joe had a drink at the dining room table.

That sums it up, CHEERS!  See you all next thanksgiving!  I mean it, see ALL OF YOU next Thanksgiving.  Peace out.


GG B-Day!

November 21, 2010

For Alice’s Great Grandma’s birthday we have an onslaught of pictures, mostly from a trip to the zoo with Joe Joe and Kate.  Happy birthday, wish we could be there, enjoy.

Alice is now in charge of feeding Deacon, it has obviously strengthened their relationship.  Have a great birthday!


Choo Choo…

November 15, 2010

Alice was dragged out of bed on Saturday to go see a real life locomotive, the 844 was in town and having a “foamer” for a Grandpa, her attendance was mandatory.

Last picture is our basement, nesting is in full swing.  Those are all baby clothes, and they are all now organized by size and color.  Half way to baby number 2.



November 10, 2010

I had been on the phone with our internet provider’s customer service hotline for maybe 2 minutes and this is what happened.

Yes that is permanent marker, and yes it did take a long time to remove, and yes Alice thought she looked very pretty.  That is my day, how is yours?



November 2, 2010

I haven’t forgotten why people visit this blog, it is all about Alice.  Please don’t worry about the “boo boo” under Alice’s nose, she took a swan dive off the front porch last week, it is healing up nicely.  Halloween was a blast!  This kid took to trick or treating like a duck to water.  See for yourself!  Here come the pictures of Family, Alice and Halloween.  We attempted a dog costume, didn’t work out, made Alice cry.  We settled on UP Train Conductor/Engineer, cute as hell!