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March 31, 2010

Gotta say that since the weather has been nice, internet posts have been pretty low on the list of things to do.  We have been running in the park almost everyday, Alice has been swimming (indoor pool), and we’re playing in the backyard.  Here comes a big “picture dump”  just to keep everyone interested.  We are going back outside.

All of this talk about being outside and all of our pictures are in the house.  I’ll start carrying a camera.


Free at last.

March 23, 2010

Alice is feeling better, no more projectile vomiting.  Good news.  And the weather has been great.  Here is a little photo update.

Tupperware helmets are always a great idea, safety first.  If any of you can respond with a picture cuter than that I will be immensely surprised.  That will be todays contest.  Respond with a photo that might be as great as this one and I will put it in the next post.  Good luck.



March 20, 2010

So Alice spent Friday with our friend’s baby, Porter, and his nanny. They had a great day together and we’re hoping to do it again, however, after today we might think twice.

I got a text from Porter’s mom around one saying he had been throwing up. Alice was fine at that point but she woke up from her nap throwing up. She had no idea what was happening, which scared her even more. The scariest part for me was the hummus that she had consumed just a couple hours before. Yikes! I love hummus and all but it’ll be a while before I consume it myself.

She is doing better but don’t think she can eat anything just yet. She’s getting closer to normal. Just climbed on the ottoman to reach her sippy. That’s as good a sign she’s getting better than anything I can think of.


Time to join the NRA

March 15, 2010

I guess it was bound to happen.  Alice is dating.  If you need me I will be in the basement cleaning my gun.

That is Porter.  He is the son of some of our friends, and Alice’s first make out partner.  Somebody throw a bucket of ice water on those two!!!

We went over to Porters house for burgers and beers the other night and these two were inseparable.  They have really gotten to be good buddies, they always run around the house holding hands, very cute stuff.


Father of the Year!

March 15, 2010

I stepped away for maybe, maybe a minute and a half to brush my teeth and this is what I find when I get back to the living/family/dining room.

From the chair to the table.  The camera was sitting on the kitchen counter and I was just in time to catch some of the goldfish crackers still airborne!  Seems like it would be scary to find your baby on the kitchen table, but I was laughing so hard, and scrambling so fast to get the camera, that it was mostly just entertainment.


Spring is Springing.

March 13, 2010

Cabin fever is still an issue in the house.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, 50’s and sunny all next week!  For now we are up to our same old tricks.

Those “Where the Wild Things Are” slippers were a gift to Alice from her boyfriend Porter.  pictures of the first kiss coming soon!


Seperation Anxiety

March 12, 2010

Alice is all signed up for daycare.  We toured the facility and the A-Monster loved the place.  As a matter of fact she didn’t want to leave when the tour was over.  I think she is going to be happy there.

Daddy on the other hand is having some trouble dealing with the thought of someone else taking care of his daughter.  After all of the bitching and moaning about having time to myself, and getting her in daycare, all I do now is worry.

I have become all to possessive of my little girl.  It is my job to put her down for nap time, and to cuddle her when she is grumpy. I make sure that she is safe, and warm, and that her tummy is full.  Those are the things that seem too personal for someone other than a family member to tend to.

I’m sure I will get over it; actually I don’t think I will.  Guess I will have to just deal with it, and keep reminding myself that she will be in good hands.  Time to toughen up.

Go get em’ kiddo!