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October 11, 2010

We have tons of fun.  Every day is tons of fun.  Alice is not gonna let a little case of Pink Eye get her down.  Enjoy.

The way down is always the most fun.  In bigger news, Sarah is starting to show!  Alice is going to have a little Bro’ or Sis’ is about six month!  We couldn’t be more excited, Alice needs a playmate.  I’m not sure if a new baby means a new Blog, I think Deacondog has room for two.

The next time we put up a post on this site, it will be #150!  Absolutely nuts!  We have been posting for over 2 years, and with 4-5 views a day the corporate advertisers should be lining up at our front door soon.  Seriously, we would be happy to start including some product placements in every post.  Suggestions; Budweiser, Apple, Subaru, Pampers.  Thanks.


Old MacDonald Had a Farm………

October 6, 2010