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Ooot and aboot…..

January 29, 2011

We finally started braving the weather and, as the Canadians say, we have been ooot and aboot quite a bit lately.  Poppi took all of us to a model railroading convention downtown and Alice had a blast, she can point out all of the different cars on a train.  She even knows the difference between a steam and a diesel engine.

Once the weather started to warm up a bit we got outside, snowman building time.  Alice is pretty good at making eyes, noses, and smiles out of twigs.  I had to help a bit with the placement, but she caught on pretty quick.

Before the weather broke, we had to get creative to kill time, tent in the living room?  Oh yeah, we spent at least three hours playing in it.

Bonus pictures.



January 24, 2011

I know we have been slacking, I will take some new pictures soon. The temperature here hasn”t really left the single digits for the past couple of weeks and snow is starting to pile up.  Cabin fever is in full swing.  Alice is just going to hibernate through this winter.



January 10, 2011

Alice is officially 2!  Alice is officially 2!  Holy S@&t!  Has it been that long! Unbelievable!

Who knows if she will ever shake the nickname?  Even during the singing of “Happy Birthday” some actually sang to “Boogers”.

There were tons of gifts, and well, tons of people.  Our house looked like a clown car, 23 people in a 800 sq. ft. house.

Not only was the cake funny, it must have been really tasty; tasty enough that we caught Papa stealing some right off the birthday girls plate!

As quick as the cake and presents were finished Alice moved the kids party to her room.

I was under the impression that Alice wasnt allowed to have boys in her room, ever, keep the door open.  The first video is Alice singing to her self, and the second is the big moment from the party for anyone that couldn’t make it.

Thanks to everyone that helped celebrate, we are thinking there will be another birthday some time in late March or early April.  We are already accepting reservations for whoever would like to babysit when the new baby arrives.


More Holiday Action………

January 3, 2011

A few more holiday pics.