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End of an Era

June 30, 2011

As many know, we are on the move. This weekend we are packing up the little ranch. Nick and I are getting a bit nostalgic, and rightly so. We were newlyweds in this house and we brought both our girls home for the first time to this house.

In a way, the house was a pretty accurate extension of Us: well-maintained, great curb appeal, and plenty of unique characteristics to set it apart.

I will miss the glitter wall and Alice’s closet. I will miss that whole house fan and my giant kitchen drawer. But of all the things I love about that house that I will miss, I get to keep the memories of Alice standing in her chair opening the giant kitchen drawer and grabbing a measuring cup. I get to keep the memories of Alice sitting in her closet eating crackers. And while I won’t miss having to let Deacon out through the garage in the mornings when the floor is ice cold, I get to keep that memory too.

We created a lot of great memories at that house, but we’ve got a lot more to go. We’ll document our first memories here soon. Be in touch!


#200, Father’s Day 2011………..

June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!  Happy 200th post on Deacon the Dog!  200 posts!  I am trying to recall all of the ground we have covered.  This “blog”, if that is what you want to call it, started when Sarah was pregnant with Alice.  Alice is 2 1/2 years old.  On Friday before I left work I went back to the beginning.  Starting from the top made me realize what an incredible record of our lives Sarah and I now have.  If you have time, and if you care, take a minute and go through the archives, there are some classics in there. For example, Uncle Ben reading,  Alice’s stinkeye,  Splash party,  Alice at the museum,  Dog Food,  those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Before we put up our pictures, our awesome 200th post pictures I have to ask a question.  Can you tell the difference between these two photos?

The couch is the same, the Jammies are the same, but the people are different.  Let us know if you can tell them apart.  I would also like to credit Sarah for remembering to stage a picture of Anna for comparisons sake.

Now that we have gotten that out-of-the-way, here comes a load of great pictures.  Happy Father’s Day!


No time for love, Dr. Jones

June 7, 2011


Alice’s New Class

June 3, 2011

Alice moved up to Miss Barb’s room this week. The transition was seamless because the two classrooms are next to each other and there were already regular activities with both groups. Miss Barb has been taking pictures for us, so here they are!

I’m amazed she stood still long enough for this one. She’s doing a lot of this cute little smile for pictures now. She is no longer squinting her entire face when we tell her to smile.

I’m sure this is one of her many train adaptations. You can build a train out of anything.

And finally, a little outside time. I believe this is what they call a tea party.

We are really happy that both Alice and Anna are together. Alice loves dropping Anna off in the morning, but is more entertained by the toys than being around Anna. But we’re told that if Alice is a little sad or tired, someone will walk her down the hall to the nursery to see Anna. Makes her all better!