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Amazon Baby

July 31, 2011

Anna had her 4 month check-up yesterday. She’s currently taller than the average 7 month old that’s taller than 97% of other babies her age, heavier than 95%, and her head is also larger than 95% of other 4 month olds. Hey, at least she’s proportioned. The doc said she’s the largest 4 month old he’s seen in a long time.

Other than her size, she is changing so much all the time. She laughs all the time – mostly at Alice. Serious belly laughs. She is also reaching out for things and grabbing them, so now we have to be even more vigilant about what Alice might set in front of her – Cheez-its, pretzels, crayons, etc. Always on our toes. Anna is also rolling over a bunch and we’ve heard that if she’s on her tummy for a while, she’ll even scoot forward a bit. Trouble is just around the corner.

We’ve been really enjoying walks around the neighborhood. These days we’re on the lookout for Helen the Spider (of the Be Nice to Spiders fame), and every time we go to one playground, we see her in a giant web.

Now for pictures and stuff. First we have Alice putting Deacon night-night. Keep in mind it’s probably 95 degrees, with 80% humidity, and Deacon is letting Alice cover him in a fleece blanket. What a sport.

Next is an absolute show-stopper of a picture that will soon be enlarged and turned into wallpaper for the living room.

Finally, we have a little video of Anna talking and Alice, well, being Alice.


Stank Eye………

July 28, 2011


And one for the road.



July 24, 2011

Is hot, is really hot.  Dew point too high.  Alice doesn’t think it is an issue to be outside.  Sweating so much i am standing in a perpetual puddle.  It has been too long since the last post.  Here are some pictures.

Sarah is so excited about the new house she can barely contain herself.  She will be mad that I put this picture on the site.


Alice’s first ponytail.  It lasted for about 20 seconds.  She then took the rubber band and attempted to give Daddy a ponytail.

Anna’s new room!  She loved sleeping in the living room at the old house, but I’m sure she will get used to having her own room.

I don’t think this is the first post involving Alice watching World Cup games.

To round out today’s post, Alice got Anna a binky, then she grabbed a blanket and covered her up, then she opened a copy of Alice in Wonderland and read her baby sister a bed time story.  Even though it is hot, and disgusting outside, life is pretty good inside.



Summertime Woes

July 11, 2011

I hate mosquitoes.  They are tearing Alice and me apart. Alice has 4 on one side of her face, and I have a new welt on my shin that has been throbbing since 7pm yesterday, when the damn thing got me. We were outside for about 10 minutes. I know that there’s lots of water around Omaha, as I’m sure you’ve heard, but I didn’t realize mosquitoes commuted that far.  The heat and humidity are also no longer welcome. Go away.

I’ve been looking back at old posts of Alice to compare notes and pictures to Anna. I see a lot of similarities in pictures of them at this age, but at the same time they look totally different. Their personalities are quite different. Anna is not too interested in pacifiers, and Alice was quite the fan. Anna loves to be moving, but doesn’t fall asleep in the car as much as Alice did. Alice spit up all the time, and Anna has only done so a handful of times. I guess now we get to see if Anna will also love baby dolls, climbing, hummus, trains, sidewalk chalk, books, Little People, tea parties…


Do Not Disturb……….

July 10, 2011

Moving into a house that was previously occupied by family is a little strange.  At first you worry about changing things, painting, etc…… Then you find something like this and the little things don’t seem to matter quite as much.

As long as we live here this wall will live here too.  Now we need to find a wall for Alice and Anna.  Speaking of Alice and Anna, these should hold you over for a while.

The new house is fantastic, come over anytime.


Doughboy #2

July 8, 2011

Nick and I caught Behind the Music – Ice Cube last night, and today NPR has a special anniversary article about the release of Boyz N the Hood, which was 20 years ago this month. Apparently one of Ice Cube’s son’s name is Doughboy. Nice.

In other news, Anna is really digging the exer-saucer, Alice is learning a new phrase: “Mommy/Daddy I’m going outside,” and orange is the new purple. Happy Friday. Bring on the Turkey.