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Things I Have Learned

February 28, 2009
  1. I have a lot to learn
  2. A sense of humor is vital – even amidst a serious crying spell babies can still be funny and they’ll stop crying eventually
  3. Clean house fast – you never know how long you’ll have to get it all done
  4. Don’t tiptoe – the more noise you make now, the more baby will get used to hearing it, so you can have raging house parties so you can clean house frantically without worrying about waking her up
  5. Dishwasher baskets for baby stuff don’t work – you’ll have to hand wash them afterward anyway
  6. Grandmothers are amazing – they truly know what they’re talking about and make everything look easy
  7. Baby talk can be embarrassing – It’s one thing to do it in public when you’re actually talking to baby – it’s something else entirely when you’re on a conference call at work
  8. Poop isn’t that gross anymore – You could potentially have it on your hands or clothes all day and not even know it
  9. Everyday revelations never cease – There is always something new to witness and embrace
  10. Babies really are blessings – And they really do smell that good



The Milking Parlor

February 21, 2009

Well my first week back at work was pretty uneventful, apart from the whole maternity leave not working like I thought it did. I blame the prego brain. I will probably have to re-read every book (meaning the ONE book) I read while I was pregnant because it basically didn’t happen.

Anyway, the building I am in at work has a “quiet room” that I get to use twice a day so Alice can continue to be fed with nature’s goodness (the same nature’s goodness that has me washing sheets a couple times a week – TMI?) I thought for sure I would be able to check the key out and have my name on a schedule or something, but I have to walk to the front desk and fill out a form each time I pick up the key. I casually mentioned that it would be nice to just check the key out for a month at a time or something, and the girl at the desk said that there are several women who use it twice a day as well. I then looked at the sign-out sheet and only saw my name. I guess the other women were all out this week.

Anyway, the quiet room is pretty nice. There’s a sink and a fridge, which makes all the cleanup and storage a little easier. Although yesterday I forgot the milk in the fridge from my morning session and left early for a doctor’s appointment so I didn’t pump in the afternoon. It worked out kind of nice because I was able to bring Alice up for another show-and-tell.

I’m starting to like my little breaks, though. Makes me think I should pretend to pick up smoking just so I can have an excuse to disappear for 20 minutes or so. I bring a book and set it on the handy little desk and zone out. I haven’t had any major fiascos yet, but I’ve had to linger a little longer while my pants dried from the odd drip during the removal of the suction cups (again, TMI?).vet30

The one weird thing is that the quiet room has a window. Granted, the window is covered by blinds, but still, a window? I know they added the room with this purpose in mind, so why add a window? I rearranged the furniture a little bit to compensate for the window. I hope the “several other ladies” who use the room don’t mind. The furniture is still as I left it each time, so I guess not.


220, 221, Whatever it Takes

February 18, 2009


Daddy day care is in full effect.  Alice and I have spent the whole day together while mom is at work.  Things have gone swimmingly.  The morning started with a bottle, followed by a two hour nap!  We made a trip to target for some breast milk storage bags, and baby wipes, and then we took the long way home so Alice would have plenty of time to fall asleep in her car seat.   And she is still sleeping. Awesome.

I was a little worried about the whole “Mister Mom” situation and not feeling like my societal gender role was being fulfilled.  Doesn’t seem to be a problem so far.  It is great spending time with the little one.  And to top it off my psychiatrist Dr. Ruffington says this is just a time of transition. yi3s1u6t2q1u6d3w2w1

It seems like Alice has some sixth baby sense and she knows when I am getting frustrated, because that is always when I get a huge smile or a cute yawn.  Well once Sarah gets home from work its off to the night job at the bar.  Ahh, adults.  It may not be the most normal lifestyle, staying at home with the baby during the day and babysitting a bunch of drunks at night but for now it is working out great.  If I start confusing the two worlds I am sure Dr. Ruffington will offer up some advise.


One month old!

February 9, 2009

Well we made it through the first month unscathed. We’re getting more sleep now, but were definitely spoiled by the two days in a row where she slept through the night. She’s woken up every night since around 4 am, but it’s definitely better than the schedule she used to have. We had it good for a couple days and now we’re back to stumbling around at 4 am.img_34881

She’s staying awake for longer periods now and is super cute. She’s made a couple new faces and is getting really strong. She’s starting to hold her head up for longer periods and is almost under control all the time. This means that when she does get tired of holding it up, she dives into your chin or shoulder pretty good. She’s pretty awesome all around.img_3486

This weekend she met Aunt Ann for the first time and we had a great time.Aunt Ann was wonderful during Alice’s fussy times, which there are more of than we’d hoped, but I guess that comes with her being awake and cute for longer. Alice made her first trip to the Gross Anatomy Lab, so she’s well on her way to telling weird and creepy stories to all her friends. Nick is still not used to the idea of me or Alice hanging out in the Gross Lab, but we all turned out OK so I’m sure it won’t be her last trip.

The “baby monitor” is still doing his job but is still visibly jealous.He makes it very difficult to get off the couch because he insists at sitting right at our feet. He is ready for Spring, but aren’t we all?



Scotch, Football, and 3D Glasses

February 5, 2009

Sunday was a fun day for us. Nick had to work at the Dell so Alice and I dropped him off and stopped in to say hello to a few folks who hadn’t met Alice yet. I conveniently go there right when a Scotch tasting was starting. I hadn’t been to one since, well, April so I was stoked to be there at the right time. I snuck in with Alice in her car seat and told the group I hoped everyone was OK with a little underage drinking. It got a decent laugh. I tasted a couple that were nice, but realized I’d definitely forgotten a few things about tasting Scotch, and remembered how much there is to know about it. Monique, the Scotch expert from the Dell was very complimentary when she introduced me to the group. She said I had started to develop a strong palette and was missed for those long 9 months. I hope to get back to a couple more tastings and really start figuring it all out.img_1577

After the tasting, Alice and I went over to Laird and Elise’s for a little Super Bowl party. It was a riot – there were a lot of kids there. Poor Johnny K didn’t know what he’d signed up for! A 3 week old, a 5 month old, a 2 year old, a 6 year old, and a 12 year old. Not too long ago this same group would be up late drinking together and not getting up in the middle of the night to feed a baby. Things sure do change quickly.img_3415

The night was funny though. We had a few pairs of the 3D glasses to watch the commercials, but kept asking, “Is it 3D?” You’d think that with all the hype things would be a little more obvious. In some aspects, the same goes for having a baby. When I have free time I clean and reorganize and do laundry. I do the same now, I just do it faster because I have less free time. I enjoy having a beer or glass of wine in the evening, I just wait until Alice has been fed or watch the clock. Before we leave the house with Alice I have to run around the house grabbing everything we might need, so Nick does a lot of waiting for me, but he did that before Alice because I was never ready when he was anyway. Sleep is the main issue right now, but I can’t remember what nights were like before Alice and Nick had to deal with my sleep apnea so his sleep is probably much the same. So I guess having Alice is a lot like 3D commercials. The only ones that were supposed to look different did. You can wear the glasses and watch any old commercial but it won’t look any different. You can also watch the 3D stuff without the glasses and they’ll look just fine. When you have a baby, if you want things to be really different they will be. You can also live your life as close to the way you did before the baby and be just fine, too.img_1591