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2 Weeks (and a couple days)

January 26, 2009


We took Alice to her 2 week checkup today (OK so I posted this a couple days late). She has gained 9 whole ounces but is still the same length. I guess it’s all in her belly. Everything is going swimmingly.

We took her for her first walks in the stroller this week. I wish I could say her first outing in the stroller was across the Bob Kerry Footbridge, but it wasn’t. That was her second. Her first outing was to Westroads Mall. It was fun – Nana Todd met us there while Nick got in a workout at the Westroads Club. We didn’t take the mall walking all that seriously because I got passed once and was wearing regular clothes. Apparently you’re supposed to wear workout clothes. Who knew? Maybe when Alice is older, we can park her stroller along the row of strollers outside the Camp Westroads play area. That place was packed – I wonder what all those moms and dads did before Westroads added that miracle of a playground.img_14901

Wow – I just heard Alice poop from downstairs! I mean I know we have a small house with thin floors and walls, but damn!! Girl can really lay it down!

Enjoy the pictures!!motivator6937809



Do I Know You?

January 21, 2009

  Letter to the Public:


      I understand that you have a baby and I have a baby.  We have so much in common!  Here is my garage code and social security #!  People are nuts!  I love a quick compliment in line at the grocery store, “cute baby”, “oh adorable”, but I really don’t need to know how many grandkids are in your family.  And please spare me your nieces’ disturbingly detailed delivery story.

    I would also appreciate it if you would not attempt to touch my baby.  I say attempt because I will stop you.  Not appropriate.  The car seat in which a baby is strapped is totally off limits without prior written consent.

   The “Fam” and I went to the Mall today without incident, so my faith in the general public was temporarily restored, although I’m sure by the end of day some whack job will put me back to square one.img_3393


11 Days Later

January 20, 2009

Thank you all for the kind words, well wishes, gifts, and overwhelming love. I’m sorry I didn’t “approve” the comments to the last post sooner – I’ve been a little, um, preoccupied! Things are going really well for all of us. We are starting to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and we still manage to laugh the whole time (OK, almost the whole time). We took Alice for her first outing to the Dundee Dell on her 1 week birthday and then to Aunt Suzanne’s house for a pizza party. She seems to like the car seat, but I still need to get used to carrying it and a diaper bag. I feel like a baby deer trying to take my first steps – awkward and unbalanced. Let me clarify that I use unbalanced in the physical sense, not emotional.

Alice makes the funniest noises when falling asleep and waking up. It sounds an awful lot like my sleep apnea supposedly does, so Nick is a little worried that he might not sleep ever again. She makes us laugh with her facial expressions and noises and she’s more animated every day. It’s been amazing 11 days already – truly amazing.

I am writing from Mom and Dad’s house, so I don’t have access to pictures of Alice right now, but I will add some soon. Happy Inauguration Day!



January 12, 2009

We are so excited it may take some time to put it in to words. For now these pictures should do the trick.
We went to the hospital at 5:00am and Alice was born at 1:11pm. Not bad for first timers! Things were pretty tense until Mom recieved her Epideral. After that things turned into, well, a party. We stayed in the hospital for two nights and now we are home.
Thank you to everyone that came to visit, and for those that couldn’t make it, our door is open, feel free to come and visit.