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Growing way too fast

May 15, 2009




May 7, 2009

It’s Thursday, May 7. Alice will be four months old on Saturday. I can hardly believe it. At home it seems like it was just last night that Nick was making a breakfast burrito while I was wondering if these pains were really labor pains (they were). At work it feels like late summer and that blip of a maternity leave was ages ago. True indication of where I’d rather be, I’d say.

I took Tuesday off because Nana Claudianna is out of town. Nick was able to switch the day shift for the night shift at work, and we had a blast together. Alice took a couple big naps so we were able to get some stuff done around the house. You wouldn’t know if if you stopped by today, but I was satisfied with our day regardless.

Alice is rockin’ and rollin’ these days. I finally took the little sling out of our bath tub – something I should have done weeks ago since she’s gotten so strong. So now she sits in more water than before and has really started to splash around a lot. She doesn’t laugh or smile the whole time, though. She has this serious look on her face that says “When I move around a lot, this stuff moves around a lot, too. I think I like it, but I’m concentrating so hard on moving around that I don’t think I can conjure up a smile at the same time.” It’s quite entertaining.

We also got some real laughter out of her. Actual chuckles and not just a squeal or a smile. I was laughing so hard my face hurt. She talks a lot – high pitched squeals, which can be heard during happy chatter or tired complaining; long, gutteral groans, which I can only assume is an imitation of my sleep apnea; and slobbery gurgles, usually heard on the changing table.

She’s really watching us while we eat now. Last night while we were eating one of Nick’s sexy roasted chickens, I swear she was licking her chops wanting a mouthful of juicy chicken. She seemed to be leaning forward a little more than normal, too. It can’t be a coincidence. She wants food-food.

Sleep schedules still evade us. One week she wakes up every 5 hours ravenous for food, and the next week she doesn’t want to look at a nipple (plastic or otherwise). One week she doesn’t want to go back to sleep after her midnight snack, and the next week she’s out like a light before I leave the room. I have stopped worrying and thinking about everything I’ve read and have started just letting her be. She’s sleeping well and we’re surviving and I’m OK with that. I’m more than OK, but I’ll probably still ask the pediatrician what we could be doing to get longer stretches out of her. Notice I say “could” and not “should” because there are a lot of “shoulds” out there that don’t live at our house. I should be working right now, but instead I choose to blog. I could benefit from another cup of coffee, but that might disrupt the balance in my cube. Too much caffeine in a place like this is dangerous.