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Max and Relax

December 30, 2009

Yeah, 2 posts in 1 day, totally stir crazy and snowed in.  Alice is also going nuts.  This video is all about her, kicking back, and taking it easy.  Lean back, enjoy.



December 30, 2009

It has been snowing for a couple of weeks now.  It is 8:00 am right now, just got out of bed, snowing again.  This is just getting ridiculous.  After coffee I am getting bundled up to go out and shovel the roof!  Seriously!  I guess now that I am a home owner I need to know about what is called an “ice dam”  It is when a little ice builds up right before the gutter and traps any melting runoff.  Then the puddle seeps into the attic and walls.  Sounds expensive, so better off nipping it in the bud.  Being proactive feels good.  After roof shoveling it is off to the In-Laws.  Sledding and tons of stick to your ribs grub.  Pictures for good measure.

That last one is just to remind myself that there are places in the world that aren’t covered with snow.  Looks warm, may be vacation time.  See you soon Sedona.



December 27, 2009

Let’s just kick off the photo frenzy.  We begin with Christmas Eve at Suzanne’s house.

Next is Christmas morning at our house. Alice’s “mini tree” was perfect.  When she walked out of her bedroom she seemed pretty un-interested in the strange plant and presents on the living room floor.  She caught on pretty quick to the whole present opening fiasco.

That little doll hasn’t left Alice’s side since she learned how to unwrap her.  I think her name is Dolly?  Now we move to Christmas Day with Sarah’s family.  The entire family was there, take a look.

Rixey, Alice, Louisa.

Claudianna, Sue, Ann, Henry.

Alice, Dolly.





December 23, 2009

I just couldn’t wait to put these up.  Between teaching myself to use a fancy new digital camera, and how cute this kid is, I have been taking way too many pictures.  Hope you don’t mind.

That is it for now, I need to go to the store for an external hard drive to store all of the pictures I’ve been taking.  I will keep posting the little monster’s mug as long as there are hits on the site.  It has been over a year that has been being used as a liason between my now immediate family and my extended family.  Can you believe that?  Sarah built this site, and we started it with pictures of her while pregnant.  Now there is video of Alice walking!  Who knows, maybe this will be a more significant record of Alice’s life than either of us expected.


Grumpy Old Man.

December 21, 2009

Two weeks ago Omaha got a foot of snow.  It has not melted.  This week we are expecting another huge snowstorm.  The adults are starting to lose their senses of humor, cabin fever is more intense than ever.  At least Alice is still able to laugh it off.

We have been spending quite a bit of time at aunt Suzanne’s house lately.  Alice loves being with the kids, and Suzanne and I love having an adult to talk to.  Family is going to be in town so the posts may slow down a bit over the next week.  I promise plenty of pictures of Alice tearing into her gifts and playing with her cousins as soon as things calm down.  Here are a few for the road, think warm thoughts!!!

Happy holidays everyone, and an enthusiastic CHEERS from Alice!


Got the spirit

December 17, 2009

800 square foot house, meet your 1’8″ Christmas tree!  If only we could make everything else in the house smaller.  The discussion on getting a christmas tree was short and sweet, no room.  Solution? How about an edible tree that is actually fresh rosemary.  It has come in handy a couple of time already, tonight it volunteered twigs for chicken and dumpling soup.

The coolest part of a tiny tree is that the gifts look HUGE!  Since I am sitting at the “puter” here are some photos from earlier today.

This last picture is all about the shoes. Alice got a pair of fancy shiny black shoes and some white tennies.  She stomps them around like crazy.  There is no more crawling, at all.  Just running, everywhere running.  Super fast and nowhere to go.  Till’ next time.



December 16, 2009

Impossible to get anything done around here.  This little monster is making everything ten times more difficult than it needs to be.  Add on some below zero weather and the let the “Alice L. Household Circus” begin.  fortunately Alice is Still cute as can be, and we get some serious laughs watching her destroy any progress we make in the cleaning, organizing and sanity departments.  Laundry can only be done while she is napping.  Don’t believe me? Take a look.

She requires so little to be entertained.  Emptying a laundry basket is so much fun that if you try to stop her from doing it she gives you the serious “stink eye”.  Someday Alice will be very angry at Daddy for putting these pictures online, but you have to see it.

Happy holidays everyone.  We will be celebrating Alice’s first holiday season and her first birthday soon.  Amazing that it has been almost one whole year of this beautiful little girl.  Thanks to everyone who has helped us along our way, we miss you, and hope to see you soon.