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Kickin’ Back.

July 29, 2010

The pace of summer has finally set in. Work has been busy for Sarah and I, but once we get home it is all about relaxing, grilling out, or just spending some time with a good book.

Those are a couple of good looking ladies if you ask me.  Deacon has claimed the couch as his own.  Most of the time if you want a seat you have to “one cheek it” or sit on the floor.  Alice still fits.

Time is flying by, Alice is huge and her vocabulary is out of control.  She is NON-STOP!  Come by and see us, there isn’t much time before she is all grow’d up, don’t miss it.


Is hot.

July 22, 2010

Been hot here.  The heat and humidity are really setting in.  Alice and I went to the park down the street from the house and did some serious playing.  Throwing gravel down the slides seems to be the cool thing to do, so I tried it, and it was fun.  When we got home Alice made a B-line for the fridge and very assertively asked for her kot-chee.  Not fermented cabbage but cottage cheese.  Nothing like some cold curdled dairy products to cool a girl down after 45 minutes in the sun. Don’t worry, that’s not sunburn.

In other news, Alice used the potty for the first time last night!!!!!!!  Exciting, until, she went number two right in middle of the bathroom floor this morning.  I guess there is some confusion now regarding where she should “take care of business”.  More pictures coming soon!


Worth a Thousand Words.

July 16, 2010

Nice having G-Bob in town, brings everyone together.  p.s.  Mom; sorry I only got one picture of you, and it didn’t make the cut, but we all know you were there!



July 8, 2010

Yeah, I know, you aren’t supposed to let little kids watch TV.  However in my defense this is the World Cup.  Sarah has gotten me so hooked on watching soccer that I am now forcing it upon Alice.  Fortunately an intervention won’t be necessary, the World Cup ends this weekend.

In other news, everything in the house is now considered a hat.  If you read the last post this will not be breaking news, here is the next installment of “stuff on head”

Deacon’s water dish.  Who knows where she dumped the water, someone will be stepping in a puddle very soon.  And finally; summer in the Midwest means one thing, sweet corn is in season.

Over and out.


Holiday Weekend.

July 5, 2010

What a great holiday weekend it has been.  Lounging around the house, playing in the yard and eating way too much.

Before the weekend started we bought Monster a new hat, kind of like an army hat.  Sure enough we were running the next day and it fell out of her jogging stroller somewhere between our house and the park.  Fast forward a couple of hours and there we are driving around looking for said hat.  WE FOUND IT!  It was laying on a corner of sidewalk that we had passed on the run.  I jumped out of the car, ran over to the hat and picked it up; it was full of spent firecrackers!  Some one had found it and lit off a pack of firecrackers under it!  Needless to say, Mommy saved the hat by running it through the washing machine.  An army hat should have a few burn marks; shouldn’t it?

This is actually a “swimper” but that doesn’t stop it from going on A-Monsters head

Safety first!  Goldfish crackers necessitate protective head-gear.  What can she put on her head next?

Tricked you, no more pictures of Alice with stuff on her head.

Succesful long weekend.  Bye.