Huge Weekend……….

June 14, 2012

This weekend is going to be pretty crazy.  The “822” is being moved out of.  I figure, best get a post up now cause ain’t gonna have no time, no time soon.  In today’s roundup we have Alice’s new (new to her) pedal bike.  Notice the bannana seat and chopper handle bars!  Sarah, and everyone she knows, and/or is related to, learned to ride on that old Schwinn and now it is Alice’s turn.  Anna has been trying to make me drinks lately, and I appreciate it.  Although at this point it isn’t quite full service.  I still need to put ice in the cup, add the booze, open the tonic and find a lime wedge.  She means well.  And then, self explanatory, Sarah and her family in front of the old house.  Congrats on the new pad!


One comment

  1. Congrats on all accounts!

    How do I teach E to make me drinks? It’s time she starts earning her keep around here!

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