Birthdays and Seasons

April 3, 2012

Anna is 1 and officially a toddler. She walks. Fast. In fact, she always seems to be walking away from wherever we are. She must think there are cooler things to see. She eats everything she can get her hands on, even if it’s a cake that doesn’t look at all like a sandcastle.

Daddy built the coolest sandbox for Anna’s birthday. Alice is in charge most of the time and everyone enjoys it. And I mean everyone.

I meant to post a winter party picture a couple months ago. Better late than never. I am carrying Kate. Jack was helping build a snowpile to stop the sleds. Elizabeth was helping get the girls in the sled. Alice pretty much laughed at everything.

And a couple for the road – waiting for the 844. If you don’t know what that is – look it up!



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