Hostess with the Mostest

August 30, 2011

Back home after a little Piper reunion and already looking forward to the weekend. For the record, it’s Tuesday.

The weekend was great – kids had a great time playing, adults had a great time visiting, and Deacon had a great time crapping in the basement.

But I am back at work, which means back to my BHG newsletters. This week: getting your home organized for Fall! Now, I know that I have been a little harsh at the folks at BHG, but I realized (thanks to my favorite Minneapolis hostess) that the ideas at BHG are not without merit. A little forethought in organizing a busy home goes a long way; labeling CAN come in handy; and I really want an apron.

As I look through the slideshow, I know now that my poking fun comes from straight jealousy. And hope.

I am jealous of their neat closets and hopeful that if I were to organize my closets in such a way, dressing in the morning would be a breeze. Dressing is sort of a breeze now, if you count the breeze the runs through my hair when I run to the laundry room to iron my pants.

I am jealous of their streamlined kitchens and hopeful that if my kitchen was as carefully planned as theirs, I would cook more. I mean I would cook.

I am not jealous of the meal-planning bit, because that is just nuts.


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