His and Hers………..

August 21, 2011

Happy weekend!  Non-stop action packed.  The weather has been awesome and we have been busy.  G-Bob made an appearance a couple of weeks ago.  Alice and Anna went for their very first bike ride together, and Big-Little-Anna is eating food from a spoon.  I guess that means we need to start looking at colleges.  Time is going so fast.  The following picture are all real, no Photoshop was used to make the kids cuter, or to make any situation look like more fun than it actually was.

We have talked about Alice’s vocabulary before.  Now she is just showing off, although if you look closely, the dictionary is upside down.

We wanted ice cream.  Sarah says we can’t leave Anna home alone just yet, so, into the bike trailer with both of them. Alice laughed the entire way.

Spoon food.  Anna can’t get enough.

What’s that?  Both kids are asleep?  Time for His and Hers G&T’s.  Until next time……….


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