End of an Era

June 30, 2011

As many know, we are on the move. This weekend we are packing up the little ranch. Nick and I are getting a bit nostalgic, and rightly so. We were newlyweds in this house and we brought both our girls home for the first time to this house.

In a way, the house was a pretty accurate extension of Us: well-maintained, great curb appeal, and plenty of unique characteristics to set it apart.

I will miss the glitter wall and Alice’s closet. I will miss that whole house fan and my giant kitchen drawer. But of all the things I love about that house that I will miss, I get to keep the memories of Alice standing in her chair opening the giant kitchen drawer and grabbing a measuring cup. I get to keep the memories of Alice sitting in her closet eating crackers. And while I won’t miss having to let Deacon out through the garage in the mornings when the floor is ice cold, I get to keep that memory too.

We created a lot of great memories at that house, but we’ve got a lot more to go. We’ll document our first memories here soon. Be in touch!


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