Basketballs and Mini Watermelons

March 22, 2011

Tummy looks an awful lot like a basketball this morning. More so than most days. Perhaps it was attending the Creighton-Davidson game last night and the size small T-shirt I managed to squeeze in to. I had to give it a shot and while I got it on, it certainly didn’t want to stay in one place. Thankfully the giant stretchy panel on my maternity jeans kept everything underneath hidden.

The game was a lot of fun, especially since it was a win-win for us, being Davidson fans living in Omaha. We sat behind the Huerter family, who took care of the Todd teeth for many years. Small world. Lots of folks stopped by to ask us if we came in from North Carolina for the game – Further indication that Nebraskans love their sports and treat visitors with respect. One of the write-ups I found this morning focused on how even though the crowd was small, the atmosphere was quite the opposite. Not sure our row contributed a ton, but it was definitely fun to be a part of it.

In weekly food comparisons – baby weighs as much as a mini-watermelon. Why anyone would bother with a mini-watermelon is beyond me. After all, if you’re gonna wish for something, wish for something big!

(Hawkins family: Insert “I wish I had a BIG watermelon” here).


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