3 More Weeks

March 8, 2011

Random vegetable comparison for week 37: “about as long as a Swiss chard.” Oh, is that right? I know EXACTLY how long that is!

Here’s your glimpse into how long #2 is at the moment.

There’s a nickel next to the Swiss chard for a frame of reference. Helpful, I know.

Also in this week’s prego newsletter are things I can do to help with being sick and tired of being pregnant.

Learn something new. Does learning how to stay awake past 8:45 count?

Streamline your space. I guess that means Alice’s only toy from now on is the iPad.

Treat yourself to a massage. Tried this last time (massage on Monday, baby born Friday) but I had to take a shower afterwards because I was covered in massage oil.

Set up time-savers. Please see the Linen Closet post for how we’re saving time by not having to go to Spirit World any time soon.

Next week, baby is the metric equivalent of a Scandinavian winter watermelon  and how to explain to your boss that yoga pants are appropriate business attire.


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