March 7, 2011

I really thought spring was here.  We have been held captive by the weather all freakin’ winter.  The last couple of weeks have been great, hanging out at the park, running, sunning.  Hop out of bed this morning, pull up the blinds, SNOW!  Thanks for nothing Mother Nature.  We are pretty confident that the weather is going to break soon.  And with that in mind here is Alice’s garden.

On a slightly funny note, we have been exploiting our daughter’s trust to a certain extent.  Kids for the most part will believe anything you tell them – they have no reason not to.  For instance, if anyone says to Alice “guess what?”  Alice’s standard response is now “Chickenbutt”.  That is a classic.  However, I think she is catching on that Daddy is having laughs at her expense.  I don’t think she bought it that her new pants are supposed to be pulled up this high.

She may not be able to verbalise her disbelief, but her face says it all.


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