March 4, 2011

False teeth may be the true measure of whether or not someone is old.  However today I feel old.  Alice went down for a nap really quick, no fighting, no bedroom Houdini.  So, I hit the couch and actually read the news.  NPR is usually my go-to source, they have a great iPad app.  I digress.  Under the National News heading I found a story that actually produced a physical response of relief.  I took a deeply satisfying breath when I read that young people of today are “Scorning Sex.”  Having one daughter, and one on the way has definitely made me feel old.

Had this article come out when I was in college (all 8 years of it), I would have been devastated.  Just another obstacle in the way of a good time.  I probably would have looked for as many articles I could have found to contradict the first, or at least to push the bad news out of my memory.

Payback, two daughters.  It is really sinking in.  3 weeks and counting.  Excited. Freaking out.


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