LRH, Part One

March 2, 2011

A part of my typical morning routine at the office is checking the “news.” Sometimes the “news” is the NY Times and sometimes the “news” is Perez Hilton. Depends on how much sleep Alice let us have the night before.

Today was a CNN gossip type of morning. The headline was about Katie Holmes and a lawsuit she filed against a magazine saying she’s on drugs. I was intrigued because to me she will always be climbing into Dawson’s window and not parading her robot child around whatever city she’s told to live in.

The article was pretty straightforward, but I came across a little thing I’d never heard of (surprising, I know): an e-meter. Apparently, “The physical effect of the e-meter on its users is a matter of significant public concern.” What the heck is an e-meter, you ask? It’s a cross between a scale, a lie detector, and a coffee grinder. Keep in mind my source is Wikipedia, so there’s no telling what it really is, but here’s what it apparently looks like:

Highlighting some of the more interesting facts about this piece of equipment would be silly because I would basically be copying the entire entry, so take a couple minutes to learn something new today. E-meter on Wikipedia.

Here’s ONE highlight: “Scientologists believe that the device also has such sensitivity that Hubbard claimed to be able to measure whether or not fruits can experience pain, claiming in 1968 that tomatoes “scream when sliced.” Alice is now a “fruitarian.”


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