Prego Update

February 16, 2011

Sarah here. I’ve been told that I need to check in and provide a little info on how #2 is doing.

She is pretty strong! Her kicks and rolls continue to catch me off guard and can be seen from across a room. She hasn’t picked a favorite spot to snuggle up in as far as I’ve noticed. Alice liked to get wedged way up in my rib cage and I had to adjust my position or do my best to gently push her in the right direction. Boy was that a hint of things to come! Adjust our life and push (nudge, shove, drag) her in the right direction.

According to my weekly newsletter (without which I would have no idea how many weeks along I am) I am at 34 weeks. #2 is bout the size of an average cantaloupe.  For once these newsletters used a regular piece of food as a comparison. It’s usually something random like a Japanese cabbage, kumquat, or a large jicama. Helpful, I know.

The newsletter provided some piece of mind in that we’ve crossed the line where if #2 comes early, she will likely not have any long-term issues. This was definitely good to read this week because a co-worker who was due 2 weeks before me went in for her weekly appointment yesterday and was sent straight to the hospital for an emergency c-section. She and baby are doing fine, though baby was having a little trouble breathing. I hear her breathing is getting stronger by the hour. Best thoughts out to Verna and Jasmine!

I’ve been pretty lucky overall. No morning sickness or aversions to food (thank goodness for that), only occasional heartburn, and only an average craving for chocolate cake. Back pain gets to me, but interestingly enough, standing up at work has helped a lot.

I know we’ve been promising some belly shots for a few weeks now, but Alice is way cuter. Trust me.  Soon enough, I swear.

Next post: Nesting!


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