Serious Slacker

June 15, 2010

Man, I have been slacking with the Deacon Dog updates.  Things have been crazy: new job, BBQs, bike rides, just to name a few of the things that have been taking up our time. The Real Estate business is moving along, I jumped right in and good things are starting to happen. Sarah is doing great, she has been running and swimming like crazy – turning into a rocket in the pool. And Alice, the most beautiful little girl in the world is growing crazy fast.  Her favorite word is these days is “no.”  Actually it is more like “NO!!!!!” I love her to death but there are times that I miss the days when she didn’t know any English at all.

You know, the more I think about it, Alice could yell at me whether she knew English or not.  Time is going by so fast that I am having trouble keeping up.  This picture is from last summer!  Can you believe that!?!  Alice has molars now, and nearly a full head of hair.  I had fun looking for this old picture of her yelling at me so I think I’ll throw in some classics for your viewing pleasure.  New pictures will be up soon, thanks to our few readers for giving me a reason to take a stroll down memory lane.


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