Long Weekend.

June 1, 2010

Well for the last few weeks they have all kinda been long weekends if you know what I mean.  Here come some pictures that sum it up.Alice and Kate were great at sharing the one backyard bike

Gordon and Clauds looked over the festivities approvingly

Alice spent a good amount of time buckling and un-buckling the seat belt in her jogging stroller.  Her fascination with buckles is becoming an issue because she can un-buckle her car seat while we are driving!  We are thinking of keeping a roll of duct tape in the car to cover up the buckle while we are in motion.

Everyone was in awe after seeing the size of Uncle Ben’s watch.  That thing is massive!

Alice was very busy with another very important task that needed to be accomplished during the BBQ.  Also deserving honorable mention, Aunt Suzanne and the entire crew were in attendance.  I apologize for not getting pictures of anyone other than Kate.  Or maybe you owe me an apology for avoiding the camera?  However it happened you will not escape the next post.  Deacondog, will be “cousin heavy” next time.  Later.


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