Paper Trail

May 24, 2010

Alice has really been enjoying day care. Not so sure about the other kids, but Alice has a blast.

Nick picked Alice up from day care and attached to the usual piece of paper we get with her activities for the day were TWO Incident Reports.

The following week, it became clear that the other kids had formulated a plan: Revenge.

About a week later, we received a note of a different kind. It either indicates a successful peace treaty or the simple fact that Alice is moving on to a greater challenge: Bigger kids. Either way, we’ll have to keep our eyes out for her new friend, Levi.

Alice really does love day care. She carries her lunch “pail” in all by herself and gets so excited when she sees her friends and teachers that she squats down and points at everyone. Apparently she can’t walk while displaying her excitement. I must say I sort of miss her crying when she suddenly realizes I’m leaving. Now she practically waves goodbye before I’m ready to go. “OK Mom – you can go now.” They grow up so fast.


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