Firewalls and Typing Lessons

April 12, 2010

So the Firewall is back up at work, which means I can’t watch videos of Alice on the blog anymore. It also means I have to type an ‘s’ into the URL window on every page in Facebook. I don’t actually mind because Facebook annoys me anyway. Yet I keep going back…

So, I wanted to add something new and found a picture that Elise took of Alice a couple weeks ago. She posted it on Facebook, so i’ll plop it here so I can look at, too (the photo is actually saved to my computer, but it’s cooler to see it here).

She’s already got good form. No hunt and peck for my girl. She can type without looking at the keys too! Genius!

Happy Monday!


One comment

  1. Thank you for shared information

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    In the 1980’s typing speed was one of the criteria to get jobs anywhere.
    But slowly this trend stopped and typing speed was not important to most of the employers.
    This is the reason why typing tests, which were once very popular suddenly, vanished from the scene.
    However recently we see a growing shift in the attitude of the employers

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