Ides of March

March 2, 2010

So I wanted to remind myself what the phrase “beware the Ides of March” meant, so I took myself to the most reputable of interweb resources: Wikipedia. I am still jumbled, but now I remember that it’s to do with the Roman calendar but the phrase itself was coined by Shakespeare.

I continued to read that in recent years, many celebrations have sprouted up around the Ides of March, for multiple reasons. One is the Hash House Harriers. A friend here in Omaha did a run with the local chapter and I think I toyed with doing it one year but never did.

So I clicked on the link in Wikipedia to see what they had to say about the runners (Go ahead – click on that link). I was instantly drawn to the top image for some reason. It looked like fun at first, then the scene looked familiar.

Yep – that’s Flagstaff. The runners are in Heritage Square (right across the street from the ol’ Pita Pit), and The Weatherford Hotel is in the background. Pretty random, but nostalgia is fun. Here’s another Flagstaff memory…


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