Make fists with your toes.

February 24, 2010

Every hearty male in this country knows that American cinema attained perfection in 1988 with the release of Die Hard.  The reason I bring this up is to liken my living room floor to the floor of the office building that was covered with broken glass.  You remember right?  After a heavy spray of automatic weapon fire, Bruce, shoeless Bruce, had to make a break for it.  Now, I generally don’t end up sitting on the bathroom counter picking chards of glass out of the soles of me feet, however it is common place to have the imprint of legos in my arch repeatedly throughout the day.  See what I mean?

I am still having trouble taking a picture without Alice trying to see herself on the back of the digital camera.  While taking the above photo she was using my face as a pillow to try and get a look.  So I turned the tables on her.  She then stood up and ran around to the other side of the camera to see the picture.

Now for some bonus shots.

Cute curls.

Cute girl.


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