Free Crackers!

February 21, 2010

Alice is absorbing new information at an alarming rate. She already has her own BlackBerry and has her own set of keys. She prefers Nick’s car, but I don’t mind. I hate having to readjust my seat and mirrors all the time. She can almost reach doorknobs, so she tries to lock them with her keys. Cool to see her figure that out, but not cool when it comes to the fact that she can almost reach door knobs.

She has figured out zippers and buckles. Last night she zipped and unzipped “Dolly’s” pajamas for 30 minutes. It was amazing to see her brain work as she grasped the pajamas on one side of the zipper and pulled the zipper away from where she was holding on. Today she sat for probably 40 minutes fiddling with the buckles on the diaper bag. Definitely see my short fuse in her though – when she couldn’t get the buckle to work she’d get mad!

She loves giving her baby dolls a bottle. We love it when she actually uses the toy bottle and not a real one that leaks milk all over the dolls, but it’s nice to see such motherly instincts at such a young age. She climbs way too much for her own good and has us wrapped around her finger. Climbs onto every chair we have now, tries to climb the bookshelf, and pretty much anything she can grasp enough to do a pull-up. I think she can do more than I can.

We think she has a future in commercial work. Hopefully she can use her charm by getting us a sponsorship from Hershey’s or Ritz. We’re taking offers now…

I could probably edit out the Saltines in the background. We like Ritz!

For the record, Nana Claudianna gave her the bottle of chocolate syrup. I guess she was out of whole milk?

Have a great week!



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