February 8, 2010

Alice is learning things so fast it is hard to keep up.  She can point at your nose, she can show you her Bee Bo (belly button), and my favorite, she can, if you ask nicely show you where her feet are.  Last night Sarah and Alice came to work with me to have dinner while I started my shift.  Turns out Alice loves fish and chips.  She was jamming that stuff in her face as fast as she could.

She is also starting to talk, Daddy, Deacon, and some other attempts at words that I haven’t translated yet.  It is really funny when Deacon is barking at the back door to get in, Alice goes into a baby frenzy, repeating Deacon Deacon Deacon Deacon until we let him in.

Here are a few pics to keep the ball rolling, I will get some newer photos posted soon.


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