No Meat, No Cheese, Makes Sarah go Crazy.

January 24, 2010

Sarah has always been a good sport when it comes to my rather unconventional eating habits.  Today I realized she can handle just about anything I throw at her.  No dairy? No meat? No grease? No problem.  Stir fry is always a favorite, humus goes over really well, tonight she ate veggie pizza, no cheese, on whole wheat crust.  Atta’ girl!

Alice was somewhat exempt from the veggie pie.  She had some canned pears and a little corn, then she got wild with some milk art.

Post meal, Alice tried to impress us by reading a book with no pictures in it.

Yep thats right, the book is upside down, we all had a good laugh.

Last but not least, Deacon has been a little on edge since Alice started walking.  She is always driving him crazy.  This video is for you Deacon.  I have proof that you smiled when Alice fell down.


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