No Car, No Sleep, Make Daddy a Dull Boy.

January 21, 2010

Remember the Shining?  That’s kinda what my house feels like right now.  Except there are fewer rooms and no bar full of imaginary friends.  There is still a foot of crusty, ugly snow on the ground and my car is in the shop.  I know body shops have to be busy after huge snow storms, but is that any excuse for not having any idea when my car will be ready?  So Alice and I are house bound.  We can’t leave.  So I have no reason to wear anything but pajamas all day.  That goes for Alice as well.

That photo was taken at 4 pm yesterday.  Nothing wrong with PJ’s all day and breakfast for dinner. Being sequestered has been great for Deacon and Alice’s relationship.

That is that, we are stuck, spring will come, Mexico isn’t that far away.


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