Quite A Party.

January 9, 2010

That was really a fun party!  Quite a bit of work, I think next year Chuck Cheese will get to do all the clean up.  The whole family turned out with the exception of Uncle Ben.  I am mentioning him by name because I want to make him feel bad for missing such a historic event.  That being said it is time to get to everyone’s favorite part.  The pictures!

Before the excitement we tried on her new pink Adidas track suit, plenty of room to grow into it.

Just a cute picture.

Here is Alice getting her very first birthday card from Nana C.  It played music when Alice opened it.  Very entertaining.

Still convinced that cousin Kate is a toy doll Alice attempts to pick her up and carry her across the room.

A mountain of home-made birthday cake.  What you can’t see in this picture is the old bed sheets layed out on the floor all around the high chair.  Good thing Sarah thought of that because as you can imagine that cake didn’t stay on that plate for very long.

The entire city of Omaha came to the party.  It was a huge occasion. I’m sure you will see it on the news and in the papers, these are the only people I could fit into the picture.  I assure you there were thousands more.

Middle of opening gifts and loving all the attention.

If giving gifts is a contest, Nana Sue totally won with this baby doll bed.  Uncle Henry put it together and Alice played with it for the rest of the day.  Nice work putting baby to sleep Alice.  I think she is practicing to be her own babysitter?  I am gonna take a nap.


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