The Grim News.

January 5, 2010

Look closely at the temperature on the screen.  That is no joke, the actual temp, windchill not included.

Holy $%@& it is cold.  Finding ways to kill time has become the priority.  We got a huge new box of toys (used toys, don’t tell Alice), and we get plenty of visitors.

Well thats the grim news. Oh, did i mention it is forecast to hit -20 later this week?  And we are expecting another half-foot of snow? Having trouble looking on the bright side this week.  Ugghhhgghghghg.


One comment

  1. We are still waiting for the most recent pics of the snow family. . . I told Louisa last night that the snow family was still there. She specifically asked “was he still holding the beer?” She may be more Todd than Terry…

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