Send Help!!!!

January 3, 2010

It snowed again last night!  I left work and it was a near blizzard!  We can’t take it any more!  Too many exclamation points!  We are losing it!

We are getting so pale without sunshine.  Pretty soon we well have serious vitamin D deficiencies, and seasonal effectiveness disorder.  It may be too late for Sarah.

Those marbles were lost long ago.  Our house is starting to feel more like a prison.  There is literally two feet of snow on the ground outside, it has been below zero, very below zero for the past few nights.  Yesterdays high temp was 5!  Also, some ding-bat 22 year old girl decided to park her daddy’s huge SUV in middle of the street and I hit it with my new car!  First dent=first insurance claim.  Women should not be allowed to drive. (Sarah here…for the record, Nick, you were driving. Perhaps women shouldn’t be allowed to park?) Alice is finding ways to pass time.  Here are some pictures to lighten the mood.

Look closely.  There are now four teeth in there!!!!!

Higher climbing=harder falls.

Running out of things to balance on her head.  Till next time.



  1. Nick,

    I just had to email and tell you HOW ADORABLE Alice is!! I can tell from the pics that she is seriously something special. I would love to meet her sometime 🙂

    Your cousin in Boston,

    • Gemma! Been a very long time! Great to hear from you. We will hopefully visit Tucson soon, we should try and make a trip coincide. Hope you are doing well, tell the east coast I said hello!

      • that would be great – keep me posted on your plans 🙂

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