December 16, 2009

Impossible to get anything done around here.  This little monster is making everything ten times more difficult than it needs to be.  Add on some below zero weather and the let the “Alice L. Household Circus” begin.  fortunately Alice is Still cute as can be, and we get some serious laughs watching her destroy any progress we make in the cleaning, organizing and sanity departments.  Laundry can only be done while she is napping.  Don’t believe me? Take a look.

She requires so little to be entertained.  Emptying a laundry basket is so much fun that if you try to stop her from doing it she gives you the serious “stink eye”.  Someday Alice will be very angry at Daddy for putting these pictures online, but you have to see it.

Happy holidays everyone.  We will be celebrating Alice’s first holiday season and her first birthday soon.  Amazing that it has been almost one whole year of this beautiful little girl.  Thanks to everyone who has helped us along our way, we miss you, and hope to see you soon.


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