Christmas morning.

September 30, 2009

This post is exclusively for the “BunnyMan”.  Everyone else can stop reading immediately.  Here is the Monocog I found in the basement.  I almost forgot this thing existed.  As you can see I need a grab bag of goodies to make it even more rad than it already is.  

IMG_9365First off, that cog belonged to my wife and was ridden in Sedona where a bunch of teeth was kinda the standard.  That said, we need to make this thing work for my daily commute.  The only permanent part is the seat. For  $2 at the Flagstaff goodwill i found this genuine “Trans Am” embroidered leather seat.  That is a keeper.


Make it rain, I will sit by the mailbox waiting.

It has also been awhile since the namesake has gotten any web time, here you go buddy.



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