Money Well Spent

September 3, 2009

Fancy baby clothes and furniture are for suckers.  Most parents believe they must have the biggest, brightest, safest, most educational and environmentally friendly products available. How could you live with yourself if you didn’t purchase the most expensive crib? How can you leave the house if baby isn’t wearing “leak-proof” diapers made from happy cotton plants without pesticides or growth hormones?

We all get suckered in to buying the latest and greatest, only to find out after the fact that your kid just wants to play with the box it came in and you’re going to get covered in shit because you didn’t realize the diaper leaked until it was too late.

I too was a sucker!  I scoured Consumer Reports for their vote of the top of the line, safe and sturdy crib. This one converts to a bed that we’re converting to a loft when she goes to college. Right now, however, Alice only uses one square foot of it.IMG_4201On second thought, maybe I’ll return it and let her go back to sleeping in the dresser drawer.  Dark, quiet, and perfect for afternoon naps.


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