Internet FAIL

August 6, 2009

So I’m not a twitterholic or anything, but I check it throughout the day for random news flashes or other interesting articles. I have actually found a lot of work-related information using twitter, so don’t judge. Anyway, it’s been super slow to load today so I just figured it was West throwing up the firewall. Turns out there was a “denial of service” attack that basically broke twitter and sent its addicts to bed early for the day. Mashable had an update on the whole situation as well as some funny comments. This one is my favorite.


Social media is such a fascinating phenomenon that I should probably spend hours researching so I can figure it all out. People get paid to do that, so I’m doing job research as well. Padding the old resume.

I’ll leave you with the likely culprit behind the twitter FAIL and get back to editing PowerPoint presentations. Yay work!



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