Every Now and Then…….

July 24, 2009

Every now and then Sarah and I actually get to do things that don’t involve Alice.  Yesterday Sarah we went for a bike ride together – AT THE SAME TIME!  It was pretty rad. These two-wheeled babies finally got out of the basement and put in a few miles.IMG_4074 The red and black bike is Sarah’s, and the orange Bob Jackson is mine.  It was actually a wedding gift from Laird. Gotta say, pretty fast gift.

If you have read any previous posts you already know that we have been doing some gardening. Flowers and even some “foods” (3 kinds of tomatoes and fancy broccoli).  The tomatoes are turning red and they are damn tasty. No real progress on the “Romanesco Italia Broccoli.”


Don’t think that we have been neglecting the Alice, or anything.  She is still quite demanding but loves having a good time.  We thought it was time she learned about water safety so we went to Targhetto and bought this awesome Baby Yacht!  It is tough to see in the pictures but her little legs are going crazy underwater.IMG_4064 Grandma Sue has a pretty sweet pool at the apartment complex, always open and baby friendly. Yesterday was pretty fun. Hopefully this weekend will be a party too!


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