So far; so good

July 16, 2009

Nick: The weather has been relatively nice in Omaha.  Alice has had a chance to hang out in the backyard quite a bit.  I have even been able to get out on my bicycle a couple of times this week.  Last night we went to see the Harry Potter movie while Alice was with the babysitter.  When we picked her up she had pink painted toe nails!  6 months old, way too young for makeup.  I think no makeup ever would be great!  And when you are this cute who needs it?

IMG_3992I think she has more hair in her eyelashes than I have on my head.  Seriously.


Sarah: Thank goodness for the world of digital photography, cell phone cameras, and webcams. Without them I would definitely be in rough shape. I have a digital picture frame on my desk that often steals my attention and Nick turns on the webcam a few times a week so I can see Alice play on her computer (a calculator). Cell phones take pretty good pictures these days, so I send them straight to Facebook and save the good closeups to my computer to change my Yahoo Instant Messenger (sarah_bikes) profile pic. It’s not the same thing, but it certainly helps. Love and drooliness.


One comment

  1. I know it’s going to be a good day when I see a new Deacon the Dog post in my feed reader! Thank you both so much for posting and PLEEEEASE keep it up even though I know you’re incredibly busy.

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