6 Month Check-up

July 9, 2009

According to our pediatrician, Alice is perfect. Well, duh!

75th percentile for height and weight, 50th percentile for the noggin.
16 lbs. 7 oz.  – she’s getting big!

The exciting thing, I think, is that we can feed her pretty much any food under the sun. No honey until she’s a year old (there’s not enough acid in her stomach to combat the bacteria that lives in honey, apparently) and I guess juice is poison, so we’ll skip that. But yogurt, fish, bananas, enchiladas, pad thai – it’s all good.

In addition, she loves sitting up by herself on the floor and in the grass. She sits up very straight so she can see more of the world and less of her feet. She flops onto her belly ocassionally, and this is where we see signs that our perfect posture baby will not remain on her little blanket for much longer. She gets up in push-up position on her hands and toes and stays there for a few seconds. If she moves anywhere, it’s usually backwards.

She’s getting very strong and confident and social. Uncle Ben no longer scares the crap out of her and she’ll pretty much let anyone hold her. She “talks” all the time and it now includes some consonants. I’ve heard what sounds like a Y, D, and maybe an N or an M. Just babble, but it’s still cool.

I would add pictures, but I’m at work and don’t have access to anything new (no Facebook or USB flash drives allowed). Yay for high school. Check back later for pictures.


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