Digital Photo Frames

June 28, 2009

I have procured a digital photo frame and just spent a few minutes loading up a USB so I can have all my favorite photos at work with me. I added a bunch of Alice, of course, but I also added a bunch of Deacon and Chica and other random photos. I kept thinking, I know I have pictures of that hike up Schultz Trail and that silly house we lived in on Agassiz. Then it dawned on me – those weren’t digital pictures. Nick gave me the digital camera for Christmas after we’d moved to the house on Paseo del Flag. All those other pictures (and every picture before that) was actually taken on 35 mm film. Fortunately my film pictures don’t date back as far as Mom and Dad’s, so I won’t have the thousands to digitize that Dad has. Still, if I’d want to get every photo in one place, that would be quite the undertaking. For now, I’ll add a couple random ones for fun.


We once picked those suckers out of Deacon's legs. Ouch!


I didn't take this - but I used to work there.

I didn't take this - but I used to work there.


That's the real Seinfeld diner. I ate a Greek omelet.


That is one handsome dog.



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